5 Simple Steps to Throwing the Perfect Hot Tub Party This Summer

Beautiful days during the summer months create the perfect chance to go for a swim. And what’s better, you can invite friends and family over for a backyard hot tub party for a day of endless fun and relaxation!

Reconnect with loved ones and make new, precious memories right from the comfort of your backyard hot tub installation!

For the best ideas, tips, and tricks to help you plan and host the best hot tub party of the season, read on!

1. Plan the Perfect Installation

It all begins with your hot tub or pool installation. The positioning of your spa and accessories throughout your backyard can help create the perfect setting for a summer celebration.

Your landscape can appeal to your guests and yourself, with magnificent flower gardens, lovely green grass, and functional pathways. Walkways or stones can direct you and your guests from the hot tub or pool, to the patio, and the house!

Your patio is crucial to the ideal backyard setup. Adding seating options and even a dining set may supply guests with a place to sit or keep their possessions while out of the spa, lounging, or having something to eat.

Your guests will feel confident knowing they can watch their belongings and that nothing is going to be stepped on or misplaced. It can also help prevent guests from leaving items behind after the hot tub party.

Complete your garden paradise with the addition of water features like a gazebo or waterfalls, a hammock, hanging plants, fountains or even a luxurious hot tub!

2. Rain or Shine?

There’s nothing like an unpredictable forecast. Prevent surprise rain from ruining your pool or hot tub party by planning the event about a week beforehand, or less. Have a backup strategy,  like hanging out a tarp over areas such as the bar or food station, if the change in weather is sudden.

Use your discretion about swimming in the hot tub or pool if there’s light rain or drizzle. However, don’t allow people in the water when there’s thunder and lighting. Check the weather on the day of so it’s possible to reschedule immediately if rain is anticipated.

3. Clean the Water

The safety of your guests must be top priority. You should aim to fully clean your spa around two to four days before your hot tub party, so it’s nice and sparkly!

With your skimmer, head out before guests arrive and get rid of anything in the water, such as dirt, twigs, leaves, or pests. Use a hose to wash the area surrounding your spa or pool, pushing debris and dirt away from the water.

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4. Stock-Up on Hot Tub Party Supplies

As the party host, you’ve got two tasks: have fun, and make sure that your guests are cared for!

Make sure to have a variety of beverage and food options for your visitors. You will never know who might have a food allergy, therefore, aim to get a great deal of water and neutral snacks to hydrate! You can also ask people to bring a food item and make the party a pot-luck. This ensures a minimum of one thing they enjoy is being eaten by everyone!

It never fails: somebody always forgets a towel! Have extra towels on-hand for your visitors, just in case. You may also grab a few pairs of sandals, sunscreen, and even some bug spray, also! Better safe than sorry!

5. Create a Tropical Backyard Escape

Now, It’s time for the finishing touches! Unless you have given your celebration a theme, your hot tub party can be provided by using tropical decorations with the perfect beach-style atmosphere!

Add some of the items to your backyard to get a beach-themed celebration:

  • Tiki torch lights
  • Flowers
  • Beach balls
  • Fun, beach-themed songs
  • Shells
  • Twinkle lights
  • Fruit décor
  • Outdoor candles

For more information about creating the perfect backyard atmosphere for a hot tub party, visit us today.

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