Planning Your Dream Hot Tub Installation in Calgary

A hot tub will give you a place where you can relax and de-stress. It will provide you with a chance to soothe your aching muscles and enjoy the health benefits brought by hydrotherapy.

However, to get these benefits, you must effectively plan for the hot tub installation. The location, size, and environment will determine whether the above benefits will be achieved.

Here are some tips to help those looking to invest or create a functional, safe, and gorgeous backyard hot tub installation in Calgary.

Find Out the Building Code Specifications

Before you install the spa, you should create a plan. You may want to fix it in the backyard, but depending on your location, you may discover that the regulations and codes do not allow it unless you meet specific installation guidelines.

Therefore, it’s important to find out what your city or municipality requires concerning the hot tub installation.

Such an initiative will not only inform you about the requirements for installing a hot tub in your area, but it will also save you the trouble of purchasing equipment and materials that might not be needed.

The codes will guide you on the planning process, and they will provide you with information regarding the hot tub installation process.

You may be tempted to rely on what you hear from the retailer or read on the Internet, while this may be a good starting point as far as the requirements are concerned, it may not be adequate since the codes differ from place to place.

For those in Calgary, visiting the authority’s website or their offices will give you a good picture of the requirements. If this isn’t a possibility: inquire about reliable sources that may have the required information.

Plan for Electricity Connections

Once you have the specifications, plan around the electricity source. You will find that some of the hot tubs will run on 120-volt circuits. Others, especially the more efficient types, will need 240-volt circuits.

You’ll need an expert opinion on the best source, and to get that you should hire an electrician. He or she will advise you on the size of the service panel, but the bottom line is that it should be large enough to support the circuit and needed amperage.

Regardless of where your electricity source is, there are many ways to create a gorgeous backyard hot tub installation! For inspiration, browse our online gallery.

Where Should I Put My Hot Tub

As we have seen earlier, there might be some restrictions on where you can set up the hot tub depending on your city, municipal or local codes. In some places, you may be required to install the hot tub some meters away from the house or fence.

The area around the hot tub should provide enough space for you to install safety alarms and covers. The hot tub will also be required to sit on solid level ground which can be made of concrete or a spa pad.

Unless it comes as a complete component where all the support equipment is included, you will need to install filters, heaters, and pumps. The installation of this equipment will be guided by Jacuzzi® instructions and available resources.

It’s important to get the right information concerning these installations too, as this will allow you to install a hot tub that will serve its purpose, as well as ensure it offers safety measures as required.

If the hot tub is not self-contained, you will need plumbing services. It’s important that you factor in all these components so that you can get a hot tub that will meet your needs.

With a sound hot tub installation, you will be confident that the process will run smoothly, and you will get a place where you can relax and unwind.

For more information about planning for a hot tub installation or simply to browse our hot tubs for sale in Calgary, contact Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Calgary today!

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