What is Hydrotherapy?

Do you struggle with a physical condition, consistent athletic injuries, arthritis, or muscle pain? If so, then you probably understand how frustrating it can be to try so many different therapeutic approaches, without ever really being able to find what works best for you. There are many different takes on physical therapy, and while each of them might be well suited to different people in different situations, it can prove to be really difficult to get a great idea of what would serve you well.

Hydrotherapy is recently experiencing a boost in popularity due to the soothing benefits of spa water, and how it can help speed up the recovery process or even offer daily relief from chronic pain or other issues. Keep reading to learn more about the wonderful benefits of hydrotherapy!

Hydrotherapy Explained

Essentially, hydrotherapy could be defined as a form of physiotherapy, which heavily relies on the use of the beneficial properties of spa water.

The healing properties of the spa water that contribute to a well-rounded hydrotherapy experience include temperature, buoyancy, and massage. One of the many reasons you may experience chronic pain, in regular life and while trying to exercise, is that your body has pressure and gravity weighing down on it, all the time.

If your bones or muscles are sore, lifting your entire body weight certainly doesn’t help! This is the reason why many patients love to lay down frequently, allowing gravity to take care of the weight. However, water is buoyant, meaning that it lifts most of the weight and pressure from your body. Ultimately allowing your muscles and joints to take a break and relax.

Buoyancy combined with the warm temperature of the spa water and the massage action of the jets results in a truly exceptional and healing hot tub experience.

The History of Hydrotherapy

The history of hydrotherapy actually dates back to ancient times, so ancient in fact, that it is quite hard to really trace its origins. We already know that the ancient Greeks and the Romans understood the benefits of hot water. Many were able to freely benefit from the amazing properties and soothing relief of hot water both in private and public.

Over time, the concept refined and evolved into what we know as hydrotherapy today. Physiotherapists around the world utilize the healing properties of more advanced hot tubs to help patients and athletes alike to heal from their muscle and/or joint injuries. Because of that, it’s become the main selling point for those who suffer from regular aches and pains or arthritis.

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