5 Do’s & Don’ts of Hot Tubbing – Don’t Ruin Your Hot Tub!

Do you already own a hot tub? Or maybe you’re looking for hot tubs in Calgary?

If so, there are some basic guidelines you should always follow for your hot tubbing.

While owning a hot tub isn’t exactly rocket science, there are still some things you should do to make sure that you take great care of your spa, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

So just follow these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of hot tubbing – and you’re sure to have a great time!

DON’T: Use bath products in your hot tub

 You should never use bath bombs, oils, or other bath products in your hot tub.

These products disrupt the chemical balance of the water, encouraging bacterial growth – and in order to get rid of them, you’ll have to drain the whole tub.

DO: Keep your water clean

You should always keep your water clean and comfortable! Hot tubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Follow the instructions in your Jacuzzi® Owner’s Manual, and change out the water and chemicals in your hot tub regularly to ensure that your water is crystal-clear – and free of nasty bacteria!

DON’T: Eat in your hot tub

Eating in a hot tub is usually a bad idea. Things like chips and crackers can crumble and leave debris in the water, and most food particles tend to clog up your filters.

DO: Regularly clean and replace filters

 The filters in your hot tub help keep impurities from building up. You should clean your filters about once every three months. It’s also a good idea to replace your filter at least once a year.

DON’T: Drink excessive amounts of alcohol

Warm water dilates your blood vessels and can contribute to a higher level of intoxication if you’re drinking excessively. This can be dangerous – so avoid having more than a drink or two, if any, while hot tubbing.

DO: Cover your tub when it’s not in use

 The best way to keep your hot tub free of debris is to keep it covered whenever you’re not using it.

Make sure you always use the hot tub cover that came with your unit or was advised by a Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Calgary associate, whenever it’s not in use.

DON’T: Raise water temperature over 104F

 Most factory units are locked at 104 degrees Fahrenheit – for good reason! Beyond this temperature, conditions like heat stroke and unconsciousness can occur.

DO: Relax and enjoy your hot tub!

 Sitting in a hot tub can have numerous health benefits, and it’s relaxing, too! So, don’t forget to enjoy your hot tub tubbing – whether alone, or with friends!

DON’T: Let pets in your hot tub

 It may be tempting to let your dog enjoy the warm waters of your tub, but it’s a bad idea.

Dog claws can scratch hot tubs, and they’re not able to deal with the high heat of the water – so they could be in danger of overheating. Pet hair is also quite bad for your filtration system.

DO: Follow These Tips For a Great Hot Tub Experience!

 These quick, easy tips for hot tubbing are sure to help you take better care of your hot tub, and enjoy the numerous benefits that a hot tub has to offer.

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