The 3 Worst Hot Tub Issues Explained

Are you dealing with some hot tub issues? You might be asking yourself how this happened. You kept the water clean for the most part, so what went wrong?

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most common hot tub issues and how they came to be.

Read on to learn more about three of the worst, most widespread hot tub issues and learn how to restore your hot tub to an optimal condition for safe and reliable performance.

1. The Hot Tub Is Not Heating Properly

If your hot tub isn’t heating properly, it’s likely that you’re experiencing thermostat issues. If your heater seems to require higher power than usual to keep the water hot, or if the temperature really doesn’t seem to stick, it might be worth it to have a service technician inspect the system.

Many hot tub issues can be fixed by the user, but not this one. If you think you might be having thermostat issues, it’s best to have a professional take a look. When the water isn’t heating or regulating properly, it usually means that there is a larger hardware issue or a component is damaged. A professional will be able to help you pinpoint the cause of the problem and, hopefully, fix it.

2. Cloudy, Milky, or Foamy Hot Tub Water

Ever glanced at your hot tub only to see the water full of milky streaks, foam, or cloudy hot tub water? Cloudy, milky, or foamy water is often related to an incorrect dosage of chemicals in the water or a buildup of contaminants such as oil and soap in the filters.

Soap and detergents can make their way into the spa water through clothing, swimwear, skin, or hair. Cleaning the water regularly with the appropriate chemicals, draining and refilling the water every three to four months, and having users shower before entering the spa can help prevent this problem.

It’s very important to monitor the chemical composition of the water. It could result in cloudy or foamy spa water if not balanced properly. This is the case of unbalanced pH (acidity) or hardness of the water, which might have an unappealing appearance. It also risks potentially damaging certain components of your hot tub.

To prevent this from happening, simply take care of your hot tub filters and rinse them as often as you can – at least once a week with regular hot tub use.

If you find it difficult to clean your spa regularly, you may benefit from scheduling a regular spa service. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Calgary offers affordable and reliable hot tub service in Calgary that can help ensure your spa operates to the best of its ability.

3. Skin Irritations and Hot Tub Rash

In some cases, you might discover that bathing in your hot tub results in irritated skin. This might happen because you might be using improper levels of chemicals and sanitizers, such as chlorine. Excessive chorines or other products could have harmful effects on bathers.

You could even put people and your hot tub at risk by using chemical products that are not designed for hot tub use in the first place, such as household or automotive products.

If you seem unable to fix the issue, please consider consulting an expert, as safety should be taken very seriously. For additional information or help getting your hot tub in good shape, feel free to visit our Calgary hot tub dealership, where we have tons of information regarding hot tub care, and arguably the best deals on hot tubs in Calgary. The Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Calgary team is always here for you.

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