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At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary, our goal is to help you create an outdoor living space that meets your each and every need. That’s why we have a wide selection of hot tubs and swim spas for sale from Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, along with a number of other outdoor essentials to help you complete your space.

From spas and water care products to steps, covers and everything else in between, contact or visit our experts at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary today.

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Our Best-Selling Spas

We are proud to supply the complete collection of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in Calgary. From two-seat units perfect for date night to hot tubs that can accommodate six adults or more, we can help you find the best option for your lifestyle.


Price: $29,593

Sale Price: $24,995


Price: $34,496

Sale Price: $28,995


Price: $9,488

Sale Price: $8,995


Price: $13,476

Sale Price: $12,995

Spa Essentials You Need

Enhance your spa experience with thoughtfully selected accessories designed to elevate your relaxation and entertainment. Explore a wide range of compatible accessories such as covers, cover lifters, steps, neck pillows, and more, to craft the perfect hot tub retreat.

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Service in Calgary

Is your hot tub or swim spa in need of professional care? Whether you could benefit from routine cleaning, your spa needs a repair or it’s time for a quarterly water change, give our service department a call today.

We offer the following hot tub and swim spa service solutions:

  • Site Visits & Inspections
  • Quarterly Water Changes
  • Water Cleaning & Balancing
  • Water Testing Services
  • Filter Cleaning & Changes
  • Component Repair
  • Ordering Replacement Parts

About Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary

At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality of hot tubs, swim spas, spa accessories, and other backyard essentials. With a wide selection of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi® Swim Spas for sale in Calgary, our team is here and happy to help you create the perfect space that is dedicated to relaxation, recreation and enjoyment. Our informative and helpful team members aim to turn your backyard into the mini-vacation that you deserve, with a selection of trusted products, reliable spa service solutions and exceptional customer service. You can rest assured that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary has you covered for all of your backyard leisure needs.


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