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  • Capo Jacuzzi Chlorinating Granules 1.5kg

    Jacuzzi Chlorine Granules 1.5kg


    Jacuzzi Brand Chlorinating Granules is a stabilized chlorine for your spa that provides effective sanitation as a soluble, quick-dissolving oxidation treatment. Promoting water clarity, eliminating odours and organic waste such as body oils and cosmetic products. This powerful sanitizer is fast dissolving and can be used for both regular daily chlorination as well as super chlorination….

  • Jacuzzi Spa Shock 3kg

    Jacuzzi Spa Shock 3kg


    Shock your hot tub and clarify your water, clear out dead contaminants and improve sanitizer performance. Spa Shock is to be used in combination with your choice of sanitizer (bromine or chlorine). Clear out dead particles or activate your Bromine using this versatile chemical.

  • Mineral Cartridge 300/400/500 Series – (Blue Stick)


    Eliminates chemical odours. Remove organics, irritants and metals. Makes spa water softer and more comfortable Blue Nature 2 (locks into removable filter caps) This is the perfect supplement to your sanitation routine. The ProClear Spa Mineral Sanitizer interacts with your spa shock to release a mild, natural sanitizer into the water. The benefit is lower…

  • Jacuzzi® Pro-Clarity Micron (Spun Bound) Filter


    ProClarity Disposable Depthload Cartridge for 2012+ Jacuzzi J-400 models and 2015+ J-500 models.. Also compatible with J-300 models that have upgraded to a Pro-Clarity canister kit. Spunbound fibers trap the smallest particles deep in the core of the filter and traps them, giving you crystal clear water. Maintenance-free filter as it is designed to be…

  • Jacuzzi ProClear Plus 2.5L

    Jacuzzi® ProClear Plus 2.5L


    Prevent build-up and support spa equipment efficiency with Jacuzzi® ProClear™ Plus. This patented water enhancer improves sanitizer performance, reduces pH fluctuations and simplifies your water care routine. A great addition for anyone with sensitive skin, it’s gentle on the skin, softens and conditions the water and leaves a mild lavender scent. This product is a…

  • Jacuzzi® 50sqft 200 Series Filter


    Filter cartridge for select J-200 models. Open on both ends, no removable cap or screw in end. Compatibility: J-100 (2016+) J-210 and J-220 series (2005+) J-230 series (2005-2007) J-235 and J-245 series (2012-2015) J-275 (2012+)

  • Capo Zorbie

    Zorbie Floating Sponge


    ZORBIE HOT TUB ABSORBER Removes body oil and makeup Removes odours beneath the spa lid Easier to maintain ph Zorbie Hot Tub & Pool Bobbles are oleophilic (attracts oil) and its formula mix and production procedures create a unique, interconnected, cellular framework. The open cell structure creates networks of cavities throughout the foam, allowing oils…

  • Jacuzzi Ultra-Spa Water Conditioner 800g


    Ultra Spa is used to condition the water increasing the bather’s comfort by reducing itchiness and irritation that can be caused by chemicals like bromine and chlorine. Has a scent much like laundry detergent that many love to help mitigate the smell of chlorine/bromine

  • Jacuzzi® ClearRay Bulb


    Fits all Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Spas with ClearRay UV. Replaces Jacuzzi Spas part #6473-091. Features Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens resulting in clean fresh water. A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. Made in USA Treats 99.9 percent of waterborne…

  • Jacuzzi 60sqft Filter

    Jacuzzi® 60sqft Filter


    The Jacuzzi® ProClear® 60 sq. ft. The filter is one of the most widely used filters in the Jacuzzi® Brand line-up. Filter comes with removable cap. Dimensions: 15.50″ tall x 6.75″ wide with 2″ opening diameter. Compatible with Jet Pump #1 & Circulation Pump on all J-300™ models, 2002+. Compatible with Jet Pump #1 & Circulation Pump on all J-LX™ models…

  • PharmaSpa Crystals - Articul-R

    PharmaSpa Crystals – Articul-R


    Original Crystal ARTICUL-R is recommended for people with articular stiffness, helps them to relax and sleep better. Key ingredients in ARTICUL-R are: Eucalyptus – Helps respiratory issues including cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion. Cooling, refreshing and stimulating; alleviating mental exhaustion and rejuvenating the spirits. Ginger Root Extract – Promotes circulation and is a natural anti-inflammatory….

  • Jacuzzi® 5 Way Test Strips


    Jacuzzi® 5 Way Test Strips are easy to read and work in seconds to help you balance and maintain clean, safe water. Our strips test for free sanitizer(chlorine/bromine), total chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness. 50 strips per bottle.

  • Sale! Jacuzzi Pillow J-435/445/475/485 Bagged

    Jacuzzi® 400 Series 2006+ Pillow


    For Jacuzzi J-400 Series models 2006+. Please note, this item does not include the fastening clips for attaching the pillow to the spa. Requires 2570-401 Pillow Slider, 20165-001 Pillow Slider Screw sold separately.

  • Jacuzzi® Pillow Logo Insert


    Replacement Jacuzzi Pillow insert, compatible with J-300 and J-400 pillows.

  • Jacuzzi MPS Test Strips (3 Way)


    For Monopersulfate (MPS/Sanitizer), Alkalinity, &  pH. Just dip and read instantly. Waterproof bottle with hinged cap, 50 strips per package. *For use with Nature 2 or ProClear Cartridges

  • Capo Jacuzzi Cartridge Cleaner 1L

    Jacuzzi Cartridge Cleaner 1L


    Jacuzzi Cartridge Cleaner’s twin action is uniquely formulated not only to remove scale but to break down body oils, suntan lotion and grease that builds up on the filters. Regular use of Jacuzzi Cartridge Cleaner, plus the use of a Zorbie will assure proper filtration of the spa water. Size: 1 L Product Instructions: Rinse the…