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  • Jacuzzi® Pro-Clarity Micron (Spun Bound) Filter


    ProClarity Disposable Depthload Cartridge for 2012+ Jacuzzi J-400 models and 2015+ J-500 models.. Also compatible with J-300 models that have upgraded to a Pro-Clarity canister kit. Spunbound fibers trap the smallest particles deep in the core of the filter and traps them, giving you crystal clear water. Maintenance-free filter as it is designed to be…

  • Air Control Knob: 400 Series


    Jacuzzi Spa Air Control Knob For J-400 Series Spas, 2006+. Measures 2 1/2 Inches Across.

  • Adjustable Weighted Spa Headrest – Black


    A comfortable pillow for the hot tub. Can also be placed under the neck for a headrest. Weighted adjustable hot tub pillow. Suitable for any model of spa due to not being mounted to the spa. Please note: Headrest is BLACK.

  • Air Toggle Switch J-300/J-LX


    Jacuzzi Spa Air Control Toggle Switch For J-300 Series, 2007+, J-LX Series 2011+. O-Rings not included, assembly only.

  • 8x8 Solar Cover

    8×8 Thermal Cover for Hot Tubs (Solar Cover)


    Save money on energy bills with a Thermal Blanket for your spa ! 8’x8′ Blanket floats on water underneath regular spa cover to cap heat in. A must for outdoor spas in the winter. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of a hot tub Thermal Blanket. Cut the floating…

  • Aqua Filter Pair C-4401


    This is the replacement filter for these manufacturers: Beachcomber hot tubs, CanSpa, Apollo Spas, Sunrise Spas, Sundance spas and many others. Sold in pairs to give 35 sqft of filtration surface Part # -Unicel C-4401 – Filbur FC-2386 – M4302 OEM Part Numbers: 817-3510 17-2606 6000-134 R173432 Size: Outer Diameter: 5″ (127mm) Length: 4 5/8″ (117mm)…

  • Aqua Life Spa Bar (Floating Drink Tray)

    Aqua Life Spa Bar (Floating Drink Tray)


    The floating and inflatable Spa Bar from Life Spa is the perfect fit for any hot tub! Blow up the main air chamber of the floating refreshment bar and let the Spa Bar float on your hot tubs water. You can also fill the side chamber with water to allow the Spa Bar to sit…

  • Aqua Mini-Ducks – Hawaii


    Enjoy a spa day with these cute ducks floating around. Ducks will be randomly chosen.

  • Aqua Mini-Ducks – Hockey Players


    Enjoy a spa day with these cute ducks floating around. Ducks will be randomly chosen.

  • Aqua REAGENT OTO 1/2oz

    Chlor Drops for Test Kit (OTO Yellow) 1/2oz


    This is a testing liquid for the measurement of total chlorine or bromine levels using the Titration (drops) method. Maintaining your hot tub at the correct chlorine and bromine level keeps your water clear, free of bacteria and helps extend the life of your hot tub equipment. The optimum bromine level is 3–5 parts per…

  • Aqua Surfing Ducks

  • Arcade 1 Up Attack on Mars Pinball

    Arcade 1 Up Attack on Mars Pinball


    Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball is here! Complete your at-home arcade with your very own ¾ scale Attack from Mars digital pinball machine. Arcade1Up is working closely with Zen Studios to ensure fans receive a product that looks and plays great with engaging and nostalgic content and an authentic pinball experience. Featuring a vibrant 23.8″ LCD playfield,…

  • Arcade 1 Up Marvel Pinball

    Arcade 1 Up Marvel Pinball


    Take a trip into the Marvel world all over again, but this time, in digital pinball form! Tons of your favorite superheroes and villains are here for you to play around with while you experience the most satisfying digital pinball experience yet. Built-in haptic feedback, accelerometer, nudges, and tilts, all of the classic pinball action…

  • Adjustable arcade stool with extending legs Steel frame High-density foam padding

    Arcade 1 Up Marvel Superheroes Stool


    Game in retro comfort with this Arcade1UP stool. The high-density foam padding creates plush cushioning for long hours of play, and the included leg extenders ensure your stool is at the perfect height for your game cabinet. Durable chrome-plated steel construction offers reliability for daily use, while an added footrest provides support and a convenient…

  • Arcade 1 Up Marvel Superheroes With Riser


    Marvel Super Heroes Arcade with Riser. We’re coming to you live from 1995 with this Marvel Super Heroes fighting game, where you can control your favourite superheroes from the Marvel Universe, battle villains for Infinity Gems, and try to save the universe from Thanos. Ships to the USA and Canada only. Please note your credit…

  • Arcade 1 Up NBA Jam With Riser

    Arcade 1 Up NBA Jam With Riser


    Get your old-school basketball on with the Arcade1Up NBA Jam arcade machine with riser. This replica arcade cabinet comes loaded with 3 games–NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime–for hours of entertainment. It features a 17″ full-colour screen and a 4-player control deck so you can go head to head with your friends,…