Hot Tub Steps 101 – Guide to Choosing the Perfect Spa Entryway

Stepping into a hot tub should be an experience that combines ease, safety, and a touch of elegance.

The choice of hot tub steps is crucial, serving not just as a practical accessory, but as an integral part of the spa experience.

These steps are the bridge between the solid ground and the soothing embrace of warm, bubbling water, making their selection key to both safety and accessibility.

With options running from sleek, modern designs to rustic, natural looks, the variety of design choices caters to every taste and requirement.

Beyond their functional role, hot tub steps significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your spa setup, enhancing the inviting appeal of your relaxation haven.

Join us as we walk through the myriad of choices, from materials and designs to safety features and budget considerations.

Whether you’re a first-time hot tub owner or looking to upgrade your current spa entryway, understanding the nuances of hot tub steps will empower you to make an informed decision that marries functionality with style.

Let’s dive into the essentials of selecting the perfect hot tub steps, ensuring your spa is accessible, safe, and as inviting as the waters it leads to.

Which Materials Are Available for Hot Tub Steps?

The choice of material for hot tub steps is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of functionality and longevity.

Wood, plastic, and metal are the go-to materials, each offering distinct advantages and challenges.

Alternatively, custom landscaping with resin decking or poured concrete will provide you with unlimited options, allowing you to personalize your entryway.


Wood steps exude a natural, warm aesthetic that blends seamlessly with many outdoor environments or hot tub exteriors.

While offering a classic look, wood requires regular maintenance to prevent water damage and decay.


On the other hand, plastic boasts durability and minimal maintenance, resistant to moisture and the elements.

Its versatility allows for a range of designs and colours, though it may lack the natural elegance of wood.

As an added bonus, plastic steps are often in stock and ready to go from your local hot tub dealer.


Metal steps, often made of aluminum or stainless steel, offer a sleek, modern appeal and unmatched sturdiness.

However, they can be slippery when wet and may conduct heat or cold, making them less comfortable underfoot in extreme temperatures.

If possible, opt for metal steps that incorporate riser inserts to keep your entryway both safe and comfortable.

Resin Decking

This outdoor material is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers the look and feel of wood without the maintenance demands of natural elements.

Resin is resistant to water, decay, and fading, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spa environments.

While the price point is certainly higher than its organic counterpart, this lightweight yet sturdy option will outlive and outlast wood decking, making this material option a strong contender when planning your backyard.

Poured Concrete

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the ultimate customizable option that also boasts longevity and durability, poured concrete might just be the way to go.

Concrete steps can be formed and poured to fit any space and design, from sleek, minimalist platforms to steps that mimic natural rock formations.

With the addition of colours, textures, or inlays, concrete steps can become a unique piece of art, fully integrated into the surrounding landscape.

It should be noted that while this option does provide unparalleled durability and stability, poured concrete steps require precise planning and professional installation.

custom concrete hot tub steps

Important Safety Features to Consider

Safety features are paramount in the design of hot tub steps. There are three critical elements to factor in when focusing on the level of safety of your hot tub entryway.


Although not considered the prettiest of elements, which may factor into your decision, handrails offer an extra layer of safety as they support users with an easier entry and exit—particularly for individuals with mobility issues.


The width of the steps is another critical consideration. Ample space allows for a more secure footing and accommodates users of all sizes.

Non-Slip Surfaces

The last thing you want after a soothing soak is to step out and twist an ankle (or worse). Non-slip surfaces are essential to preventing accidents, especially when feet are wet.

Textured materials or rubberized coatings can provide additional grip. Consider adding a contrasting colour to your non-slip surface if you want your hot tub entryway to stand out with a bold aesthetic.

Design and Aesthetics

In terms of the overall look and feel of your spa, hot tub steps can significantly enhance its visual appeal.

Whether matching the hot tub’s style or colour, or contrasting as a statement piece, steps should complement your overall outdoor decor.

From rustic to contemporary, the design of the steps can echo the ambiance of your backyard, making the hot tub not just a place of relaxation, but also a focal point of outdoor living spaces.

Different Types of Hot Tub Steps

Navigating through the types of hot tub steps available is key to finding the perfect match for your spa.

From standard options to custom solutions and eco-friendly choices, there’s a diverse range to suit every need and preference.

Standard Steps

These steps offer simplicity and functionality, making them a popular choice for many hot tub owners.

Typically made from materials such as plastic or wood, standard hot tub steps are often not fixed or mounted, and can be moved around as needed.

Although material choices are basic, standard hot tub steps often come in designs to fit well with a wide range of spa sizes and shapes, and usually feature two or three risers, providing the perfect height for easy entry and exit.

Storage Steps

You may want to consider elevating the functionality of your hot tub steps by incorporating storage space within the design.

This ingenious solution allows for the convenient storage of spa accessories, such as cleaning supplies, towels, or robes, keeping them handy and organized.

Storage steps are particularly beneficial for those looking to maximize the space around their hot tub area, offering a dual-purpose feature that enhances both convenience and cleanliness.

Alternatively, some hot tub steps are designed to add storage later with drawer inserts, offering flexibility and convenience so you can upgrade your already existing steps when you need to.

Custom Steps

Whether you’re looking to add a wow factor to your spa’s aesthetics, or you simply want your deck or stone patio to partially surround your tub, custom steps are the go-to for hot tub installations that require a specific design, size, or material to match your unique needs and wants.

Consult a landscaping professional if you’re going to opt for a complex design, but if you’re a DIYer with a flair for woodwork, sometimes a simple custom design is the perfect solution.

curved hot tub steps

How to Choose the Perfect Hot Tub Steps

Selecting the right hot tub steps for your wants and needs involves more than just picking a style you like; it requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure the steps meet your needs for safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Use this checklist to reference the factors you should consider during your hot tub steps purchase:

1. Size and Space

The dimensions of your steps should be in proportion to the size of your spa and its surrounding area.

Steps that are too large can overpower a smaller spa, while too small might not provide the necessary elevation or stability for safe entry and exit

2. Weight Capacity

Safety should be a top priority when choosing your hot tub steps. Ensure that the steps you select can comfortably support the weight of all potential users.

This is especially important if you’ve decided to go with a lightweight material, such as plastic or resin.

Always check the manufacturer’s specifications for weight capacity to avoid accidents.

3. Compatibility

Your hot tub steps should complement your hot tub and the overall decor of the space.

Whether you prefer a matching design or a contrasting style, the steps should harmonize with the hot tub’s shape, colour, and material.

Custom steps can be a great solution if your spa has an unusual design, or if you’re aiming for a specific look.

4. Maintenance Considerations

Different materials require different levels of maintenance.

Wood steps might need regular staining, while poured concrete steps should be periodically sealed against the elements to extend their longevity.

Plastic and resin offer low-maintenance solutions, but may need to be replaced if you live in a climate with severe weather fluctuations.

5. Budget

The cost of hot tub steps can vary widely based on material, design, and functionality.

While it might be tempting to choose the least expensive option, it’s important to balance cost with quality, safety, and durability.

Remember to factor in the potential long-term savings of choosing steps with lower maintenance requirements and higher durability.

Create the Perfect Hot Tub Oasis with Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary

Selecting the perfect hot tub steps is a crucial aspect in enhancing your spa experience, ensuring safe and easy access while adding a touch of style to your outdoor oasis.

The right steps not only provide functionality and safety, but also complement the aesthetic of your hot tub and surrounding area, making your spa the centrepiece of relaxation and leisure.

Whether you’re purchasing your first hot tub and want to perfect the luxury of your space right away, or you need to upgrade your existing spa for safety or style factors, consulting with an expert to discuss your options is never a bad idea!

The expert staff at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary will help you to carefully evaluate your requirements and preferences, leveraging their expertise to offer insights into which options work best for you.

We can assist you in finding the ideal spa entryway, tailored to fit any hot tub design and lifestyle.

Explore our extensive options, gather more information, or take advantage of our professional advice to plan the perfect fit for your hot tub entryway.

Visit the friendly team at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Calgary or shop our convenient online store!

Remember, your hot tub is not just a place of relaxation, but a statement of your personal style and a testament to your lifestyle investment!

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