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  • Mineral Cartridge 300/400/500 Series – (Blue Stick)


    Eliminates chemical odours. Remove organics, irritants and metals. Makes spa water softer and more comfortable Blue Nature 2 (locks into removable filter caps) This is the perfect supplement to your sanitation routine. The ProClear Spa Mineral Sanitizer interacts with your spa shock to release a mild, natural sanitizer into the water. The benefit is lower…

  • Jacuzzi® Pro-Clarity Micron (Spun Bound) Filter


    ProClarity Disposable Depthload Cartridge for 2012+ Jacuzzi J-400 models and 2015+ J-500 models.. Also compatible with J-300 models that have upgraded to a Pro-Clarity canister kit. Spunbound fibers trap the smallest particles deep in the core of the filter and traps them, giving you crystal clear water. Maintenance-free filter as it is designed to be…

  • Jacuzzi® ClearRay Bulb


    Fits all Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Spas with ClearRay UV. Replaces Jacuzzi Spas part #6473-091. Features Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens resulting in clean fresh water. A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. Made in USA Treats 99.9 percent of waterborne…

  • Jacuzzi 60sqft Filter

    Jacuzzi® 60sqft Filter


    The Jacuzzi® ProClear® 60 sq. ft. The filter is one of the most widely used filters in the Jacuzzi® Brand line-up. Filter comes with removable cap. Dimensions: 15.50″ tall x 6.75″ wide with 2″ opening diameter. Compatible with Jet Pump #1 & Circulation Pump on all J-300™ models, 2002+. Compatible with Jet Pump #1 & Circulation Pump on all J-LX™ models…

  • Jacuzzi® 50sqft 200 Series Filter


    Filter cartridge for select J-200 models. Open on both ends, no removable cap or screw in end. Compatibility: J-100 (2016+) J-210 and J-220 series (2005+) J-230 series (2005-2007) J-235 and J-245 series (2012-2015) J-275 (2012+)

  • Jacuzzi® 5 Way Test Strips


    Jacuzzi® 5 Way Test Strips are easy to read and work in seconds to help you balance and maintain clean, safe water. Our strips test for free sanitizer(chlorine/bromine), total chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness. 50 strips per bottle.

  • Jacuzzi Pillow J-435/445/475/485 Bagged

    Jacuzzi® 400 Series 2006+ Pillow


    For Jacuzzi J-400 Series models 2006+. Please note, this item does not include the fastening clips for attaching the pillow to the spa. Requires 2570-401 Pillow Slider, 20165-001 Pillow Slider Screw sold separately.

  • Jacuzzi® Pillow Logo Insert


    Replacement Jacuzzi Pillow insert, compatible with J-300 and J-400 pillows.

  • Jacuzzi® Pro-Clarity 40sqft Pleated Filter

    Jacuzzi® Pro-Clarity 40sqft Pleated Filter


    This is the primary filter for the Jacuzzi Pro-Clarity canister assembly. Compatibility: J-415, J-425, J-495 2012+ J-435, J-445, J470, J-480 2013+ J-575, J-585 2015+ Also compatible with J-300 series if previously purchased Pro-Clarity canister kit. Product Dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches x 10 inches Filters used in this system: #6570-398, 6000-383AJ, 6473-161J.

  • Jacuzzi® 200 Series Pillow


    For Jacuzzi J-200 models 2002+.

  • Floating Dispenser


    Place this dispenser directly in your spa, and let the dispenser do the rest of the work. Suitable for 1 inch Chlorine or Bromine tablets. Includes a locking ring, anchor cord & feeder settings. Removable bottom cap for easy refilling

  • Jacuzzi ProPolish Mesh Bag 5

    Jacuzzi® ProPolish Mesh Bag 5″


    5″ ProPolish mesh bag. Complete compatibility: 2009–2012 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs 2009–2012 J-460 model hot tubs 2006–2008 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs Not compatible with J-495, J-425, or J-415. Filters used in this system: #2540-387J, #2540-383J, #6540-845.

  • Skimmer: Float Weir J-400 Series


    Floating weir sits over the filter in older 400 models. Measures 5inches across. Compatibility: 2006-2012 J-460, J-465, J-470, J-480 Filters used in this system: #2540-387J, #2540-383J, #2540-389.

  • Siemens 60 Amp GFCI Breaker c/w 125 Amp Outdoor Panel


    125 Amp 60 Amp two-pole GFCI included 2 extra spaces for branch circuits Outdoor rated UL Listed Siemens

  • Capo Spa Skim Extenda Net

    Spa Skim Extenda Net


    Extenda Spa-Skim Hot Tub Skimmer Net with Pole Pole extends to 1.2m Easy operation

  • The Spa Sponge


    This hot tub cleaning sponge made from crushed walnut shells. The scrubber is gentle on acrylic yet strong enough to remove heavy dirt & grime without scratching the spa surface. It is reusable.